Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 12.05.2018, NBA Season – San Antonio Video

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  1. Derozan getting that ptsd lol

  2. Lebronoids having orgasmic moments once again!

  3. is it just me or does lbj gets every call from the refs for anything?

  4. "Kawhi is not a leader, Patty Mills is" lmaooo

  5. wow the referee is so respectful in lakers

  6. in the 43k range of true BRON FAN before 1m fans so called LeBron legend takers start popping up ???

  7. Bro no one's gonna talk about that lonzo dunk?

  8. What a lebron stamina have !! So wow!! Nice my idol

  9. lebron can shoot deep 3’s but cant shoot freethrows lol .i think he need to take 1 or 2 step backward in the foul line .i think his muscle is not fit in short range

  10. Top 5 greatest of all time in NBA

    1.Lebron James
    2.Lebron James
    3.Lebron James
    4.Lebron James
    5.Lebron James

  11. i remember spurs fan crying about zaza doing that to kahwi, they crying for a long time suspension for zaza. now they saying BS like aldridge didn't mean that, he's not dirty. it's an accident, people shouldn't complain it's part of playing basketball… lmao double standards.

  12. 4th quarter 3 point shooting was great by Lakers. Lonzo needs to attack more, he plays so well when he does that.

  13. 7:339:07 {Sequence 95-91 at 4th 7:15, is exactly how it should be for the Lakers: Lebron with the clutch 3 to make it 95-94, the veteran leading the young army into battle, "Be sharp", he indicates as he follows his shot, just in case. This time, he's closer to the basket, on the offensive, he bulldozes through the Spurs defence (95-96) Lakers lead. "I mean business, we are going to win this game", the confidence exudes through the court, the young guard is ready, they're in a battle (97-99). Who will stand up? "and 3" (104-104), Kuzma breathes a sigh of relief, "I'm not fucking this one up", he made the right play. Another wave, Lebron attacks the basket, "Don't sag too much now, I trust Zo", Lonzo's been aggressive all game, no hesitation. Swish, "A little goose neck for the cameras" (104-107). Another stop, another blow by the Lakers, it isn't over yet, I'm still here says the King, "Both sides". Hungry for a basket, his appetite for the game mirrors peak attention, he accelerates, runs the floor, gets repaid. Easy dunk, but the hard work was done earlier (104-109). The young guard is showing up. Lebron steadying the ship, slowing the clock, posting the block. 5-4-3-2-BANG! Lebron—>Lonzo—>Hart, confident he can trust his guard, Lebron kicks it out, Lonzo doesn't miss a beat, passes to Hart "Always one step ahead". Hart doesn't miss (107-112) No, commentator! They don't need to "hurry". "Well done guys, I told you, victory had to be ours. Alright, time to close this chapter", 3, 2, 111-117.} Excerpt from "The King's Crusade: Lebron & the Ring"

  14. I can’t believe Lebron is playing for the Lakers.

  15. James can shoot 3's
    Curry can't dunk.


  16. I remember when everyone was talking shit about the Lakers and now, here comes the complements lol. LAKERS ARE ON FIRE ??

  17. how comes 2nd & 3rd five unit are depleted, the last 3 games have their respective good output.
    1st five: lonzo, hart, lebron, kuzma & mcgee
    2nd unit: svi, lance, kcp, beasley & chandler
    3rd unit: bonga, hart, wear, wagner & zubac
    injured: rondo, ingram
    coach luke needs to bring the guys at proper tempo

  18. I still think KD better than lebron and kawhi also.

    EDIT: Watch niggas get mad at my opinion ???

  19. Great supporting cast 4 period

  20. Lonzo is looking better, building up confidence

  21. I just don't understand how Ingram's legs don't snap every time he jumps. They look so brittle like uncooked spaghetti

  22. BI was out then Lakers played so damn so smooth after that…

  23. All credit to LeBron fantastic gameplay. Legendary performance!! Great win Lakers. Keep the Win Streak going!

  24. Yeah I can see why “no star wants to play with him”….lmao clown ass KD

  25. Bro lonzo dunked while driving?! Never thought I’d see the day. Lebron never been a huge fan but shit you got my lakers 15-9. Thank you!


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