Houston Rockets vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights / March 12 / 2017-18 NBA Season – San Antonio Video

🏀Houston Rockets vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights / March 12 / 2017-18 NBA Season

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  1. No rivalry whatsoever , Everyone just trying to find space for another 3 pointer . Current league is a fucking joke lmfao.

  2. popovich is an arrogant old fart!!! fire this idiot now!!!

  3. Yes spurs are not doing good but b4 u rocket fans or anyone else talks shit, just keep in mind our star player is injured and to top it off, spurs are practically playing with all rookies

  4. rockets winning chip this year
    harden mvp
    cp3 finals mvp

  5. Businessman myself suit heat capture extreme Senate abuse box fold.

  6. The Spurs will reach the Playoffs because Kawhi will comeback now and lead them. He is the true MVP if he do that. First MVP with only 25 games played.

  7. old ass spurs running out of steam. the schedule is gonna kill them. kawhi is done carrying this old ass team. the owner has done nothing during the trade deadline to freshen up this roster. kawhi is preserving his health to increase his trade value so he's gonna get PAID on a new team. he got his ring, now it's time to back up the brink truck in a new town

  8. All these stupid rockets fans haha.come playoff time.harden n paul will choke jus like before…never fails…GO SPURS GO !

  9. I still think the Worrriors will beat them in the playoffs.Thats what they do.

  10. Healthy Warriors vs healthy Rockets = better series than the finals, especially if that series is for the conference to see who goes to the finals. Boston, Toronto, or Cleveland for the East.

  11. Husband provide news graduate appeal Senate reverse there hint program slope.

  12. If you subscribe to my channel, I subscribe to you.

  13. 之前說馬刺變成二流球隊,還有人意見一堆

  14. Rockets-fuck-Wariors-in-pleyoof-

  15. harden,pol,Ariza,Capela.Gordon-is-monster-fuck-Warriors

  16. Not sure if it was just my phone…but this was the quietest NBA game I've ever watched. Also prayers up for the families affected by the terrorist attacks in Austin.


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